Tips that every collector should know or follow

Here are tips that every collector should know or follow.

  • Collect with your heart, but be smart. Research items before you start buying.
  • Don’t buy “for investment”, unless you really know your stuff and even then it’s a gamble.
  • Collecting doesn’t have to be expensive, the only cost for some collections is time.
  • Almost every collectible category has items to fit every budget.
  • Is your collectible being reproduced? Before making any purchase, do some research on the reproduction issue.
  • Always buy the very best condition you can afford. Condition is the most important factor to consider and unless the item is so very rare that condition doesn’t matter, it will determine the price you will pay and what it will sell for later on.
  • Keep notes on what you paid for future reference and/or insurance purposes. Most importantly, start keeping an inventory immediately. Do it on the computer or just buy a notebook. Keep a record of what you paid, when you bought and where.
  • Care, Store , Display and Protect. Research the best way to store, display, protect and clean your collection.
  • The most fun in collecting is finding like-minded folks to share your finds, trade with and learn more about your collections. Look for an online collectors club or online forums where these collectors gather.
  • Most of All – Enjoy Your Collection!