May, 2010

  1. Kyosho Porsche 959 Limited Edition – Kyosho Kit No.4281

    May 1, 2010 by Jaap Dienaar

    >In 1991 Kyosho offered the 1:8 Porsche 959 which was based on a buggy chassis from Hobao called Pirate (RS), Kyosho made only the body and wheels for this model. This unique 1:8 scale on road car, which is really huge, was not designed by Kyosho. Kyosho made the body and wheels only.
    The first version of the Kyosho Porsche 959 was sold in a black carton box and the model was based on the Hobao Pirate (RS) buggy. The model was released in 1991 by Kyosho and the chassis was designed by Hobao. Another version of this car was sold as a buggy under Kyosho name, this buggy was called Prestige 4WD.