What makes a Classic?

There are many properties a product must have to reach the “classic” status that society likes to put upon various types of property and pop culture icons. RC Cars are no different, and it helps that there really are still many classic RC cars out there.

In the RC-Car scene the terms Vintage and Classic are used nearly interchangeably.
According to the most collectors a Vintage or Classic RC Car must be at least 20 years of age and holding up to, or be restored to, original manufacturer specifications. Some definitions state that a vintage RC model car is to be maintained solely for exhibition, show, and public interest usage.

A popular definition is:
Antique Modelcars (Clockwork-, rubberband-, rail- and tether cars): 1923-1965
Vintage Modelcars (radio controlled): 1965-1975
Classic Modelcars (radio controlled): 1975 onward, but at least ~20 years old (pre 2000)

In the definition used on our website a Classic RC-Car is a fine or unusual RC-Car built before the turn of the millenium (pre Y2K) as per the definition of ‘Classic Modelcars’ above.

Classic RC Cars must have their own look.
They must be a car that is immediately noticeable upon appearance and can be recognized as a vintage or older model.  A primary quality any RC car must have to be classic is that it must be able to perform like that RC car is supposed to perform. Usually, classic RC cars have been around for a while before they are considered classic.

The true meaning of classic RC cars is defined by the eye of the beholder and these people must see something that has the individuality of the premiere models.