AMPS Rapier (sold by Graupner)

March 30 by Jaap Dienaar

AMPS (Graupner) Rapier

With the Rapier” Graupner offered a 1/8 th scale racing car built on the same principles as the fullsize Formula cars.

Features which have been accepted as normal in full-size cars for over 20 years and which helped Jack Brabham win the World Championship in 1959 and 1960 are now offered for the first time in a standard production r/c car.

An absolutely distortion-proof chassis (obtained in the full-size by grid-frames or mono- coque) is achieved in the Rapier through screwing down the rear axle bearing and engine mount, 3 mm thick GRP plate for radio installation, front axle bearing and 3 mm thick GRP chasis plate.

Single-wheel suspensions and springing on transverse steering rods. The geometric positioning of the axle suspension has been optimised by computer programming.
Adjustable helical springs on each single- wheel suspension.

Outstanding weight distribution through use of in-line central motor”.
Car kit comes complete with all parts requi- red for assembly but without body, engine or silencer.
AMPS (Graupner) Rapier with Lotus 80 body Order No. 77 4331