Conley V8 engine (327 version)

March 1 by Jaap Dienaar

Rare Quarter Scale Conley 327 v8 Engine. This is a fully functioning v8 engine which operates on Nitro fuel mix as used in most Model Airplane engines, radio control car engines, and tether car engines.

This engine was originally assembled at the Conley Precision Engines shop, it has been professionally assembled. It’s also never been apart, as it left the Conley shop, and in new condition. This engine has the rare Rams Horn headers with it.

This engine will fit in any of the early 1980’s-2000’s quarter scale car chassis like the WCM Sprint Car, Conley Cobra, Delara Sprint Car, Delara Supermod, New Era GN, WCM GN, New Era and QRS Stadium Trucks and so on.
The newer Stinger 609 engines are much larger than this engine and won’t fit most of these early chassis. This engine would potentially also suit 1/5th scale applications.

Included but not pictured are:

A full set of Conley Precision Engines instructions to assist with starting and running the engine, and maintenance of the engine.
The Glow Driver box to run the engine
A small radiator to assist with running the engine, or display.

Todays price: approx. US$ 8,500.-