Kyosho Dash I 1970

January 1 by Jaap Dienaar

1970: The Kyosho DASH 1 is presented at an Aircraft Pageant at Harumi International Trade Center sponsored by Mitsuboshi Shoten. Three professional racing drivers were invited to run the DASH 1.

It was in 1970 that Kyosho started selling the DASH 1. The DASH 1 is generally agreed by the industry to be the first RC car made in Japan.
The three body styles chosen were the most popular racing machines in the Japanese Grand Prix: Porsche 917, Lola T70 and the McLaren Elba. The bodies were vacuum molded, a totally new innovation in RC at the time. Mr. H. Suzuki (then President of Kyosho) was the one who set about looking for a vacuum molding factory.

The first prototype was produced. At this time, the engine was almost horizontal with a front angle. The engine was fixed directly to the chassis to allow engine heat to dissipate and to give a lower center of gravity.

However, this engine-mounting layout was not so good for maintenance and although the idea was innovative, it was not applied. Also, the gentle “S” shape and twin exhaust pipe would be well remembered in the real racing cars of the day.

In October 1970, Kyosho demonstrated its three completed prototypes in front of industry members. The venue selected for the demonstration was the parking lot of the Kokuritsu Gekijo in Miyakezaka Tokyo. As Mr. Otsuki was so focussed on running the cars for the first time in front of an audience, he can’t remember the day clearly.

20~30 attended the demonstration – in the rain. Everyone was amazed at the speed generated by the cars. They were just like full-sized racing cars: powerful acceleration, exhaust smoke and sound too. “What is the maximum speed?” everyone was so excited to know. In the unrelenting rain, the 1/8 scale 30cm wheelbase prototype car made a one meter splash, and landed a place in history. This was the birth of RC cars in Japan.

The DASH 1 was released for sale one month later, and created a storm of interest all over Japan. Motorsport was experiencing a boom, and Japanese car-makers were putting a lot of effort into developing their racing reputations. This was the golden age of Japanese motorsport. The DASH 1’s realistic style and speed were received with great appreciation from motorsport fans at its release.

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The under mentoined Robbe K-1 car was the ‘european version’ of the Kyosho Dash 1 car: