Kyosho Giga Crusher Dual Force 1/8th scale nitro monster truck – Kit #31142

May 1 by Jaap Dienaar

Some cars are instant classics; an example of such a car is the 1/8th scale Kyosho Giga Crusher Dual Force nitro Monster Truck. This Monster Truck has been introduced at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in 2004, so that sense it isn’t a vintage nor classic car, but this giant monster truck has really fascinating mechanical technology: two .26ci (4,5cc) nitro engines, a three-speed gearbox, All-wheel drive and a reverse gear (which is operated using a 3-channel receiver)! All these techniques in one car makes it a instant classic RC Car of epic proportions. The Monster Truck was sold as a kit without electronics nor servos but including two recoil starter engines of .26ci.

The Kyosho Giga Crusher Monster Truck was also available as ‘Single Force’ edition (Kyosho kit #31141); this kit features all the technical ‘trics’but had only one .26ci nitro engine. The spot where the second engine could be mounted was occupied by a fueltank, so in the front part of the vehicle. The Dual Force version had two fuel tanks which are placed at the rear of the car.

The Kyosho Giga Crusher Dual Force 1/8th scale nitro monster truck is equiped with two .26ci (4,5cc) engines that delivers the brute power to drive the huge tires over just about anything.
The Giga Crusher DF (Dual Force) was able to reach high speed thanks to the well choosen 3-speed gear box with optimal gear ratio. In the center of the chassis is a transmission box with selectable reverse gear mounted from which drive shafts connect to the front and rear gear differentials of the 4WD drive train.
The transmission box has an adjustable slipper clutch to convert the power into traction, and makes control of the high power and big tire combination as gentle and easy as the Giga Crusher is tough and rough!
The 3-speed automatic transmission with its optimal gear ratio has been developed to make maximum use of the power of the dual engines. This 3-speed automatic transmission is placed at the front of the car, between the clutchbells of the (near to the center) mounted engines. The weight distribution is an almost optimal 50%/50% between the front and the rear, which gives the car unprecedented stable jump capabilities.

Deep stroke, 4-wheel double-wishbone independent suspension promises you’ll enjoy the Giga Crusher’s heart thumping action to the full. With a 3-channel radio it is possibe to operate the Giga Crusher in reverse by remote. Combining the most high-tech mechanics ever seen in a big-tire machine, the Giga Crusher has taken monster trucking to the next level!

The Giga Crusher sports twin Kyosho GS26 Engines with recoil starters (a Single Force edition with only one engine was also available) had a revolutionary dual chassis construction of both 3mm Aluminum plate and semi-ladder chassis. At the front and back plastic covered aluminum skid plates armor the 4×4 truck and protected the differentials. An other aluminum plate protected the underside of the center mounted transmission box.
A working hood scoop sucks in cold air to the twin engines. The Kyosho Giga Crusher also features a built in plastic roll cage.
The exhaust exist of two straight pipes with rubber baffles which direct the gasses through an opening in the rear.
The nose of the white and black body is slightly reminiscent of the Dodge Ram series.

There are eight oil filled shocks – 2 at each corner. A three speed transmission harnesses the power of the Force .26 engine(s) and sends it to the front and rear of the truck. It also came with replacement hubs to fit your favorite Maxx sized wheel.
Top speed is about 40mph (~60km/h) and the volume of the tanks is 150cc each. The Kyosho Giga Crusher made use of only one steering servo because the front hub and knuckle produce almost zero scrub.

Unprecedented mechanical specs: two GS26 engines (with recoil starters), a Center Divided Shaft Drive 4WD, a 3-Speed Automatic Transmission and reverse gear.

The Kyosho Giga Crusher Single Force edition:

Technical specifications:
– Build it yourselve kit.
– Main components (3-speed transmission, Diff. Reversing Transmission, Clutch etc.) are all factory assembled.
– Simply complete the body by painting and applying the decals.
– 3mm thick aluminum main chassis plate + reinforced resin side frames in high-rigidity chassis.
– Suspension system that supports that sub-frame and improves the chassis’ overall rigidity.
– Equipped with slipper clutch that protects the power train and delivers optimal traction.
– A front-mid mounted engine realizes almost perfect 50 : 50 weight distribution. The concentration of mass produces the agility and sharp acceleration capability.
– Equipped with 29 precision ball bearings throughout the drive system. High efficiency transfer of engine power straight to the ground.
– Tuned pipe to draw maximum power from the engine is a standard feature.
– Fitted with the optional rubber silencer for increased noise suppression.
– Air cleaner with internal air scoop provides excellent carburettor protection.
– Twin oil shocks fitted on each wheel support 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension.
– Die-cast brake calliper produces reliable and effective braking.
– Front hub and knuckle produce almost zero scrub so standard high-torque servos can deliver nimble steering.
– Equipped with special radio box with separate compartments for receiver and batteries.

Chassis Technical Data:
Length: 534mm
Width: 425mm
Height: 280mm
Wheelbase: 350mm
Tread (F/R): 325mm
Tire(F/R): Φ160×100mm
Gear Ratio: 25.36、19.52、15.44:1
Weight: 6,300g (approx.)