Kyosho (Graupner) Go Kart 10

December 31 by Jaap Dienaar

Kyosho developed this 1/4 scale R/C model to accurately reproduce the design and performance of original high-performance Kart.
The model in the pictures is the Graupner (European) version of the Kyosho Go Kart, produced in the early ’80’s and sold in Europe by Graupner as Go Kart 10. This European model did not have ‘side-pods’ and front steering cover of the Kyosho Racing Kart 10 and the driver was made of hard plastic. The steeringservo is placed under the ‘bum’ of the driver and activates the steeringwheel. With this direct steering control like a true racing kart, this machine offers a fascinating driving experience, completely different to standard R/C cars.

The distinctive feel of a Go Kart has the effect of improving your driving technique and racing intuition, making it an ideal introduction to any form of motor sports. With a design that replicates the control characteristics of a real racing kart, the layout features a 0.9ci (1,5cc) engine mounted beside the driver, just like a full-size kart. Precision mass balance also contributes to the lower center of gravity to deliver the high-performance of a true racing kart.
The suspensionless front section features precision trail and scrub parameters that work in combination with the rear axle for sharp maneuverability while the lightweight design delivers dynamic acceleration.
For a fascinating racing experience like no other R/C car, the Graupner Go Kart 10 and Kyosho’s Racing Kart 10 sets the pace.

The pictures here under are of the Kyosho Racing Kart 10 model; this model featured ‘side’pods’ and the fueltank has been moved from the back to the side pod. The Go Kart 10 as sold by Graupner did not have the side pods and the fuel tank was positioned behind the engine.