Kyosho (Robbe) Sonic Sports 1980-1986 – Porsche 936-78

December 31 by Jaap Dienaar

With Sonic Sports Kyosho has created one of the most successful 1/12 scale race cars, at least when it came to sales. Is based on a modular system that can be fitted based on a same chassis, with different axes. There are for both the front and the rear driven and non-powered versions.

The chassis is very simple, it consists of a rectangular epoxy or aluminum plate, with a radio plate in the form of a synthetic material injection-molded part on top of the expoxy plate. Since the car was designed in first instance as a front/four-wheel-drive car, thebattery is also in the rear-wheeldrive in front the RC system. Kyosho launched the serie with front-wheel drive models; VW and Porsche 936-78 and then later a second edition Porsche 924 with one rear axle 380 Mabuchi Motor, a rear-engined BMW 320 with Mabuchi 540 and a two-wheel-drive Audi Quattro with Mabuchi 380. Later came another rear wheel-driven Porsche 911. The Audi and the Porsche 911 remained until 1986 in the catalog.

For the Sonic Sport Kyosho offered a range of tuning parts, such as epoxy chassis (in the first edition as standard), the rheostat brake conversion kits for all-wheel drive versions. Specifically the front drive unit was very popular with hobbyists and formed the base of many self-made four-wheel drive vehicles.
The driven front axle is very similar to the version of Ishimasa, however, the axle with Kyosho was not cast in one piece, but separate forks were mounted to an aluminum base plate.