Kyosho Vanning Integra 4WD

December 26 by Jaap Dienaar

1986, Kyosho Vanning INTEGRA 4WD.
The Kyosho Vanning Integra 4WD was produced around 1986. It was the successor of the Kyosho Land Jump Integra 4WD, which dated back to 1981. The Kyosho Vanning Integra was a chain-driven 4WD radio control car. First produced in 1986 and made from aluminum with hard plastic wheel arms. Driven by chain the car was a monster at a scale of 1/8. The power plant was a .21 (3,5cc) internal cumbustion Nitro engine. It has differentials front and rear, independent front suspension, independent rear suspension and a disk brake on the rear differential.

Equipped with double-wishbone suspension. This became the last model to use a ladder frame. Loaded with a 21-class engine.

The Kyosho Vanning was equipped with a 4WD Chain Drive system powered by a .21 cu/in. engine.
It was a very sophisticated model, but was really fun.

Here is an awesome Kyosho Vanning that is proudly owned by Werner Sigg. Found on

– Powered by a .21 cu/in. Nitro Engine
– Chain Driven 4WD

-Length: 515mm(20.3″)
-Width: 270mm(10.6″)
-Height: 185mm(7.3″)
-Wheelbase: 315mm(12.4″)
-Ground clearance: 40mm(1.6″)
-Tires: 110mm dia x 48mm (4.3″ dia x 1.9″)
-Weight (ready-to-run): 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
-Drive system: transverse engine and chain drive
-Gear radio: selectable in four steps from 8.5:1 to 10:1
-Brake: disk
-F. Suspension: independent; double trailing arms with coil-spring/shock-absorber units
-R. Suspension: independent; semi-trailing arms with coil-spring/shock-absorber units
-Radio: 2 channel
-Engine: .21 nitro engine