Robbe Ford Matra D2 suspension car

December 8 by Jaap Dienaar

Here are some photos of the German Stefan Meier’s vintage suspension car Robbe Ford Matra in scale 1/8. The car is usually stored in a showcase and is taken out of it for these photos.

Stephan bought the vintage RC Car at an auction of a collection of some rc models and equipment. Ofcourse he could not believe that this beauty was part of the collection when he opened the parcel.

The RC car was produced by Dynamic Models in the USA and imported by Robbe for Europe, branding it ‘Robbe Ford Matra D2 suspension car’.
The Robbe Ford Matra D2 suspension car in scale 1:8 is in good condition. Probably the car has never been used on a street. When opened the body and screwed off the cylinder head there is no indications for usage.

A real vintage RC car from the very early days of RC!