Tamiya Black Porsche 934 Turbo RSR – #58001 (1977)

January 28 by Jaap Dienaar

The Black version of the Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 was made by Tamiya to celebrate 100.000 units sold of the regular Porsche 934 (model number 58001).

The 58001 Porsche 934 was a huge success for Tamiya when it started selling early December 1976 and only one year later the kit had sold 100.000 units, and Tamiya decided to celebrate it by making their first ever Limited Edition RC model, the Black Porsche 934.

The Black version kit did not receive any kit number (like RA-1201 aka. 58001) and the general consensus is that the Black version was not distributed through normal channels, but only used as a give-away and for special promotion towards special customers, racers and other Tamiya affiliates.

The estimates for remaining NIB kits of this Black 934 are typically around 20 kits. (!) Some say there are more, some say there are fewer. There are also a number of built models in varying condition. I have seen models ranging from New Built to near wrecks. There is possibly somewhere around 20-30 such built models around.

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Original text written by Lars Butveit / original published: 26 December 2011 / original link