HPI Super Nitro RS4

August 17 by Jaap Dienaar

The HPI Super Nitro RS4 cars are over twenty inches long, almost ten inches wide and over five inches tall! With four wheel drive and a larger stance, Super Nitro cars can handle tons of power and soak up bumpy parking lot surfaces.

The Super Nitro RS4 kits include a complete set of 22 ball bearing, a disc brake, oil-filled shocks and a counter-sunk purple aluminum chassis. The efficient belt drive system provides smooth power to all four wheels. And, each of the three drive belts has it’s own tensioner for easy adjustment.

The Super Nitro RS4 features a larger stance for extra stability, 4WD, double wishbone suspension, “Super Size” slick tyres on high impact nylon wheels, heavy-duty purple anodized chassis, and a removeable radio tray for easy maintenance and cleaning. It’s equipped with our powerful and easy to tune Nitro Star 15FE engine for quick acceleration and super speed!

Hereunder you will find the manual with the spare part pages (PDF-file):

HPI Super Nitro RS4 -MANUAL