Kyosho ‘Hoppin Mad’ Wheelie Action

December 31 by Jaap Dienaar

1/12th scale Radio Controlled .10 engine powered wheelie action car series. Kit no. 31881 (/15800)

The Kyosho ‘Hoppin Mad’ Wheelie Action is quite light and pretty fast for as small of an engine ( .10ci) as it has. A very unusual rc model. Kyosho made them in electric and gas version. It came preassembelt.

Unimpressed by ordinary R/C cars? Check out the amazing moves you can make with Kyosho’s wild Wheelie Action Series! Snap the throttle forward and your mode “pops” a wheelie while all your friends do double-takes. No other R/C car lets the front end fly at your command! With practice, you can push your wheelies higher and higher. The Kyosho ‘Hoppin Mad’ Wheelie Action short wheelbase and other unusual dimensions let you turn on dime, then gun it and run with the nose held high. The model comes mostly factory-built, including the powerful drive system with .10ci engine and differential gears. Add a basic 2-channel radio system , and you’ll be Hyper-active in no time!

Engine: KYOSHO GT12S CR .10ci
Length: 325mm
Width: 225mm
Height: 190mm
Wheelbase: 158mm