Kyosho Super Alta VW Beetle 1/12th scale

January 3 by Jaap Dienaar

This is the Kyosho Super Alta VW Beetle, Kit no. 3056 from the early ’80’s.

The Super Alta chassis is an 1/12th scale electro 2-WD chassis with a 540-size motor which was placed in front of the rear axle. Direct drive with gear-differential in the right rear wheel. At the front it has indepent suspention on both wheels and the rear is a sort of ‘fixed power pod’ which is ‘fixed’ in the chassis and has a rubber plate on the bottom which allows a little movement. (*dead-beam rear axle)

The Kyosho Super Alta 1/12th was available as ‘top chopped’ VW Beetle (featured here) and as 1/10th scale Mini Cooper (Kit no. 3055)

Both cars of the Super Alta model range (the Beetle and Mini) had the following features:

– Accurately moulded scale body
– Many chrome details (wipers, bumpers, door handles, lights etc…)
– Factory assambled chassis for easy of construction
– Gear type differential for improved handling
– Hi-Speed Mabuchi RS-540SH electric motor included in kit
– Swing arm front suspention and dead-beam rear axle
– Simple construction and adjustment, ideal for beginner.