Tamiya Blazing Blazer 4×4 (1982)

June 8 by Jaap Dienaar

Tamiya model #58029 – The Tamiya Blazing Blazer 4×4 is the second model from in the famous “three-speed series” from Tamiya, it was an unusual vehicle, modeled after an off-road racing truck. The vintage Tamiya Blazing Blazer 4×4 is one of the most sought after and memorable models by collectors along with the Tamiya Hilux, Mountaineer and Bruiser that were also part of series ‘3-speed Bruisers” from Tamiya.

It is one of the most well made, accurately depicted model of the full sized Chevy and excluding its injected molded body (and rubber tires of course) it used all metal parts! At 1/10 scale, it’s the same scale as the majority of Tamiya’s RC cars, but the Blazer is very tall and wide.

The 3-speed Bruiser serie from Tamiya are most valuable RC trucks due to it being extremely well built with genuine metal parts, a high detail to realism and a real 3 speed transmission. When you lift on of these up, you know right away it’s more solid, with its metal all metal frame and parts it weighs in a full 11 pounds

It also had a long 30 minute battery run time with the Tamiya 4000ma battery pack, which is pretty impressive considering rechargeable battery technology at the time. On top of that there was a real working 3 speed transmission that you can switch on the dime directly from the radio transmitter. It was fun to ride and being able to shift the gears remotely really added to the excitement whilst driving them!

In fact the vintage Tamiya Blazing Blazer 4×4 was made as a cheaper alternative to the Hilux, it came less complicated. An example is that the Hilux model had a aluminium topped electronic speed controller, the Blazing Blazer had a normal mechanical one. The body is one piece & has very little detailed parts in comparisment to the Hilux, but the shell is actually very accurate and based on a real Chevy Blazer based racer. Only the wheels and tyres are a bit bigger than the real thing. The body sits higher than the Hilux because of those different wheels/tyres.

Here you can view/download the complete manual of the Tamiya 4×4 Blazing Blazer – Item #58029 in PDF-file format: Blazing_Blazer_Manual

Chassis type: Ladder frame aluminium
Transmission: 4wd 3 speed with fixed axles
Motor: RS540S
Width: 240mm
Length: 510mm
Height: 228mm
Wheel Base: 287mm
RTR Weight: 4700 grams
Body Style: Moulded ABS

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