SG (Mantua Model) Red One 4WD

July 16 by Jaap Dienaar

The Red One is a full option 1/8th Circuit Race Car with a belt driven 4WD system, fully ball raced with oil filled shocks and a machined T6-aluminium Chassis. The SG Red One was the last ‘top of the line’ RC-car from the italian company SG. This very fast model has a 2-speed gearbox.

This model was developed by the well known Italian company SG in the early 1990s by Mr. Leonardo Garofoli, founder of SG, he is the G isn the SG brand while S is of Mr. Franco Sabatini. The father of Mr. Leonardo Garofoli is the founder of the Supertigre motors.
When this company ended the production of this model due to the fact that the production of all SG cars stopped and the brand SG stopped existing. The brand and production of some SG RC car models was bought by the Italian company Mantua Model which subsequently marketed this model ‘Red One’ with article code 784500000.

This example on display here of the SG Red One is an original SG edition (so no Mantua edition). The SG Red One is a high-grade track racing 4WD 1/8 scale onroad RC car for internal combustion nitro engines with 3.5 cc (.21ci).
The car is equipped with fully independent suspension, separate aluminum oil-filled shocks dampers, a fully adjustable front and rear arms, links and torsion bars, quick release rear wheels, one-way bearings at the front, adjustable rear ball-differential, belt drives, stainless steel disc brake and many more high-end features.


The SG Red one was named after the color of the aluminium parts on the car; these were all red anodized. Also the 5mm thick aluminum chassis was fully machined and anodized in red. This in combination with the eye catching white nylon bulkheads and suspension parts made the car a real beauty. The wheels are molded in red, tires are foam. Th body is on these pictures is the original SG body.

The SG Red One was the top of the line car from SG at the time before Mantua models bought them out. The later Mantua Model edition of the Red One had a different chassis plate than the model displayed here. The displayed model sports a thick (5mm) fully machined chassis rather than the pressed, thinner (3mm) aluminium chassis of the later Mantua Model type. Mantua Models made use of the thicker, machined chassis for the model ‘Black One 4WD’.